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ogliometastases: metastases that are limited in number and location and are amenable to regional treatment.

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I first heard this word yesterday. My oncologist described the results of my CT and bone scans: I essentially have one tumor mass on the sacrum (tailbone), and there appears to be one positive lymph node in my chest. This is unusual because as a rule, prostate cancer metastasizes to the bones by spreading to the pelvis, spine, and sometimes shoulders, ribs, and legs. And it typically goes all over, establishing little nests of cells that multiple into lesions. (I like that image of “nests,” as if they’re little nasty breeding things like spiders or scorpions or cockroaches.)

My PSA has risen dramatically in the last few months, and we assumed that the little boogers were all over the place. A year ago there were three identifiable lesions. Now it looks like they’re cozying up in one spot. Which may lead to some novel treatments if they’ll just stay there for a while. But for now, I’ve just started a new experimental drug that we hope will brings the numbers and cellular activity way down.


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