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To honor the creepy Halloween season, a short film that is touching and disturbing. If you don’t like corpses, don’t watch it.

The dense forest surrounding Mt. Fuji in Japan is the country’s most popular site for suicides. A man with a gentle voice, wearing white gloves, monitors the trails and comments on the motives and methods of the suicidal people who find their way in and sometimes out of the forest.


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A wedding tomorrow. First snowstorm possible this week.

Change happens.

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busy. just busy.

October is going to be crazy. It’s already crazy and it’s only the 12th. So first, a quiet reminder of what October can look like in Utah.

This year was a little dry, so the colors aren’t intense. But the temperatures are still warm.

A quick summary of this month’s busy-ness:

  • Two days at the clinic in Las Vegas, scans, going off one clinical trial and signing up for another.
  • Four days in St George to watch my super-athlete wife swim (9 golds, 4 age group records) and do a sprint triathlon (6 seconds away from a bronze, and she hasn’t even trained for it).
  • Start Provenge treatment (yesterday) at the Red Cross center, shivering for 3 hours as they spin out my white blood cells and try to keep my calcium levels from dropping too low.
  • Provenge infusion scheduled this week, then in two weeks another blood draw/infusion. And a third two weeks after that.
  • Get ready for my daughter’s wedding. It’s in 11 days. Uh-oh. I’m so not ready, but she is.
  • Help my son get ready to leave on a mission in November. Two years serving in the Pacific Northwest. He’s excited. His mother is not.
  • No, I’m not even going to mention what’s going on at work. Not fun, that’s all I’m going to say.
  • No time for landscaping even though this is my last few weeks before serious snowfall.
  • Happily, I have a new son-in-law who’s started work on finishing the basement. It’s only been five years, what’s the hurry?

I’m so busy, I really have nothing to say. You could probably see that already. I just wish I had time for a drive into the mountains to sit and look at the autumn leaves.

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