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the simple season

Living along the Wasatch mountain range, you get to see sunrise and sunset in an orderly way: the sun rises over the mountains, and sets on the lake side of the valley. No question which way is north.

One thing I like about winter is that the color scheme of the mountains and sky becomes simple: pink and blue. Through the year sunsets tend to be gold and red, but in winter there’s a soothing quality to the flat blue sky contrasted against snow-covered mountains that catch a gold reflection, then go pink as the sun sets.

On a day as cold as today (high about 15 degrees Farenheit), it seems that the clouds hang motionless against the mountains. By 4:30 or so in the afternoon, the sunlight is horizontal across the valley, and then the colors start to fire up.

And then as the sun drops below the horizon, any golds turn to a soft pink. The blue of the sky goes pale and flat, and that image of winter against the mountains hangs in the air like a gentle, quiet backdrop. No dazzling color combinations, just the simple two-tone evening.

Standing out in the freezing air, looking at pink and blue—that’s my winter moment. These are the days when I come home in the evening, sit by the fire, make soup for dinner, and don’t do a thing. The simple winter life.


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