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Last Wednesday, Dorothy and I found ourselves saying something that seems to be a theme of the last few years. We had just spent three hours at the clinic in Las Vegas, meeting with our oncologist and waiting around for my Zometa infusion. As we walked out of the building, we looked at each other and said, almost in unison, “Well… here we go.”

We are going somewhere again, not quite sure where, nor for how long, and least of all where it’s going to take us.

It’s another bend in a road that we never planned to be on, don’t particularly like, and don’t know how long it takes to get wherever we are headed.

I had a remarkable response to the Exelixis clinical trial during the last seven months. Within a month of starting the drug my bone pain and numbness were gone, and the scans (every 6 weeks) showed tumor regression or stability. But for whatever reason, it’s losing its effectiveness and two new bone spots showed up in the scans this month. My PSA has gradually risen from 143 to over 600 in those seven months, and while that was a little concerning, as they say, no one could say why it was rising so much when the tumors appeared stable.

In any event, it’s on to the next phase: docetaxel with prednisone, and I’ll be part of a blind placebo trial that adds Revlimid to the mix. Early trials have shown very positive results for those who get Revlimid, but we won’t know for sure if I have that benefit. Docetaxel alone should still be quite effective in bringing down the PSA, which would be good at this point.

So, here we go: another bend in the road, another unknown destination. One step at a time, and it’s a great comfort to know that Dorothy and our three children and two sons in law are walking it with me.


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